Alpine Shire Council is undergoing a transformation led by a CEO with two priorities – a customer-focused business model and innovative approaches. The Council is exploring innovative approaches to service delivery, such as the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence and digital platforms. As part of this transformation, the Council has decided to tie up with Greenlight which promises to deliver a Customer Experience solution that can be customized to suit Alpine Shire Councils specific requirements.

The use of Greenlight would make it easier for the council to comply with regulations by ensuring all critical information is up to date and readily available. This would reduce the risk of errors or delays in compliance.

By using Greenlight all stakeholders within the council would get a single real time view of the activities within planning and building department. Council managers and executives would have access to all the critical information via various reports and dashboards.  Overall, Greenlight would provide the council with a more efficient and automated process for planning and building related activities, allowing them to save time and money, while providing a better experience for users.

Among its many outlined benefits, Greenlights external site will provide Alpine Shire Council with significant improvements in both time and effort by prompting applicants to fill out application information prior to submission, attach relevant documentation, and lodge payments online. Additional key features of Greenlight include: 

  • Automated workflows
  • Standardized communication and processing logic
  • Document management and stamping capabilities
  • A modern user experience

We are pleased to be working with Alpine Shire Council on this new venture, with project completion expected in January 2023.

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