Automated programming of multiple tasks saves on admin hours.

PermAssist software package has greatly improved our administration efficiencies, halving our administrative hours from our previous platform. Responds well in a timely manner to our queries.

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The fee structure is simple, we charge a fixed amount of fee plus GST per application. Some of our clients pass the cost to their clients, so, in effect, PermAssist can potentially be a zero cost to your business.

PermAssist, as a cloud-based solution, offers round-the-clock accessibility to your clients. This results in substantial cost savings as various expenses such as printing, photocopying, binding, filing, postage, travel, administration, and follow-up phone calls are greatly minimised. With information readily available 24/7, high-volume clients will appreciate the convenience of using PermAssist for submitting permit applications. Ultimately, this will contribute to the overall success of your business.


Yes, we offer prompt and free-of-charge technical support. We guarantee a response time of less than 24 hours from our technical team in Melbourne. This service covers all technical enquiries and problems.

You do not need a server; thus, it eliminates the associated hassles and costs of maintaining one. Your data is hosted on our server through the cloud, and our server is backed up in three different locations for security purposes. There are no IT costs incurred by our clients.

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