Greenlight System Revolutionizes Building Permit Process for Murrurundi Shire Council

Last month, the Murrurundi Shire Council completed its transition to the Greenlight module, marking a strategic step towards enhancing operational efficiency and embracing modern technology. This move has augmented Murrurundi building permits to serve the community more efficiently.

The Greenlight system's building module now empowers applicants to apply for permits online, providing a seamless experience for citizens and saving time for both applicants and council staff. Through the Greenlight portal, applicants can not just submit applications but also make payments for statutory fees and other relevant processing fees. The portal enables applicants to track the real-time progress of their applications, provide additional data, and upload necessary documents, enhancing transparency and convenience in the permit application process.

With the implementation of Greenlight, the council's building team is now equipped to handle all building-related activities efficiently. From report and consents to property information requests and building enforcements, the Greenlight building module centralizes these processes, streamlining workflows, and improving overall operational effectiveness.

Utilizing the Greenlight system, the council's building team swiftly assesses the information provided by applicants. If additional information is needed, the team can seamlessly request it through the online portal, reducing communication gaps and processing delays. Once all necessary information is gathered, the building team prepares permits using the system's built-in permit templates, including multiple conditions easily added from a preconfigured list.

The implementation of Greenlight's building module not only simplifies the user experience for applicants but also saves valuable time and effort for both applicants and council staff. The streamlined processes and real-time tracking capabilities significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of building permit processing, aligning with the council's commitment to delivering excellent service to its community.

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