Horsham Rural City Council Elevates Service Delivery with E-VIS Greenlight - Local Laws Module

E-VIS is proud to announce extension of its partnership with Horsham Rural City Council, as they embark on implementing the Greenlight - Local Laws module. This innovative solution, tailored for local governments, is set to redefine customer experience and streamline operational efficiency. Aligned with the council's vision of ensuring good governance in accordance with the principles outlined in the LGAct2020, the preconfigured implementation holds the promise of transformative outcomes.

At the heart of this partnership is a commitment to a community-first approach to service delivery. The Greenlight - Local Laws module is designed to not only enhance the user experience for the community but also equip councils with the necessary tools to boost efficiency, cut costs, and achieve superior outcomes.

Anticipating a positive impact, the module ensures the community's access to services and information is optimised. Users can conveniently engage with services such as customer requests,local laws applications, licensing and permitting, and other essential online services on a 24/7 basis from any device.

The introduction of the Greenlight platform marks a significant step forward. It is poised to make our customers more efficient, effective, and better positioned for success than ever before. E-VIS is excited about the possibilities that this partnership brings, underscoring its commitment to delivering top-notch services and embracing the digital transformation wave for the benefit of its clients.

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