Local Government Technology Summit VIC at Melbourne on November 9th.

The stage was set, and we were delighted to participate in the Local Government Technology Summit VIC 2023, which took place on November 9th in Melbourne.

Our Greenlight team was enthusiastic about connecting with technology leaders in the local government sector, where we could share our expertise and delve into pioneering technological ideas. These discussions aimed to pave the way for the transformation of existing processes into a more sophisticated, personalised, and seamless experience for our valued customers.

We had the privilege of hearing expert perspectives from various local governments across Australia, each at different stages of their digital transformation journeys. Engaging in enriching discussions, we delved into a wide spectrum of digital and IT topics, ranging from addressing cybersecurity issues to revitalising core IT infrastructure for enhanced service delivery and improved citizen outcomes.

 As community expectations continue to evolve, our mission remains unchanged: to provide unwavering support in aligning IT services with a modern, community-focused digital experience

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