Building Module

(with pool registration)

Prepare to revolutionize how you manage building and pool tasks with our VBA-compliant system, simplifying administration and ensuring compliance.

Building Module

Key elements

Here are a few of the features you will have access to in this module.

  • Building Permit

    Your go to software for efficient and hassle-free building permits.

  • Request for property info.

    Ensure quick access and accurate data for seamless decision-making.

  • Private building surveyors

    Facilitates comprehensive management system.

  • Building notice & orders

    Manage prompt action and adherence to regulatory requirements.

  • Pool permit

    Ensure all barriers are safe. 

  • Report & consent

    Simplify the procedures for building-related matters, ensuring swift and accurate documentation.

  • Temporary structure

    Manage temporary structures with ease.

  • Hoarding & St. occupation

    Public land hoarding, scaffolding, and gantry.

  • Building inquiry

    Enhance the inquiry process, making it more accessible and efficient for stakeholders.

  • POPE permits

    Occupancy permit for a place of public entertainment.

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