Builder Mate

Product Overview

Builder Mate, a state-of-the-art web based tool for builders to manage their clients, contractors, suppliers and more importantly the construction processes. Financial institutions are kept informed of progress by merely using our mobile applications. All documentation relevant to each construction job is held within Builder Mate. Information is easily accessible 24/7.

Mitigate your risks! All documents are filed into Builder Mate and a comprehensive audit trail to backup your case.

Major Features

Builder Mate's primary objective is to facilitate builders with a tool to manage the building processes efficiently.

  • Effective communications between Builder, Clients and Contractors via PCs, Note Books, and hand held devices such as iPad and iPhone
  • All documents for the project in one place and can be easily retrieved. No more lost documents. Documentation such as Contracts, Drawings, Planning and Building Permits, all correspondence, photos, purchase orders, invoices etc
  • Full audit trail, tracks all changes in the job
  • Manage scheduled tasks
  • Ability to send request for quotation to preferred contractors along with relevant documentation via email
  • Keep all stakeholders informed with SMSs and emails
  • Alerts and notifications of tasks due to start or for completion
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to Builder Mate

Builder Mate has 3 modules

Each module has its own iPhone and iPad applications. These applications make Builder Mate extremely portable. This is a very powerful feature as people in the building industry are often on the move.

  • Builder Module
    • Create job for each construction project such as building a house, block of apartments, town houses etc
    • A job is broken down into many tasks, each task has a start, due, and end date.
    • Each job can be filed away as a master template for future use
    • Manage all the tasks assigned to contractors/suppliers, including escalation and alerts
    • Add file notes to Jobs and Tasks
    • Comprehensive audit trail that captures all interactions between builder and stakeholders
    • Interacts with all stakeholders such as clients, contractors and suppliers
    • Function to store all documentation related to the building job, and release selected documents to clients and contractors. The builder has to release to Client and Contractors specifically.
    • Instant communication between various stakeholders via SMS, notification boards, emails.
  • Client Module
    • Allow clients to see their jobs.
    • Real time communication with the builder.
    • Photo gallery showing all construction process from start to completion.
    • Online Access to all the documents released by the builder.
  • Contractor Module
    • View task’s documentation for quotation purposes.
    • Submit quotation.
    • Is informed by the builder if the quotation was successful.
    • On completion of the task, is able to tag the task as completed.
    • Upload photos of completed tasks and invoice.
    • Real time communication with the builder at anytime.

Documents Download

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