Product Overview

DocBureau by E-VIS is a cutting-edge electronic document management system that utilises the power of the web to provide you with access to your documents instantly; anytime, anywhere.

DocBureau Advantage

  • Scan your documents for simple storage and access on DocBureau. Don't have a scanner? Simply send your documents to an E-VIS scanning centre and we'll scan and index for you
  • Retrieve and view your documents 24/7 with intensified security management. All you need is web access and you can access your documents instantly
  • DocBureau is fully certified for compliance with VERS PROS 99/007 Version 2 Specifications 1-5. This is particularly suited to local governments and large organisations. (Download VERS Certificate)
  • Emails and Microsoft Office documents can easily be uploaded into DocBureau. E-VIS have developed Add-Ins to Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Tree structured folder. Easy to use
  • Folder access control, user privilege setting
  • Document profile management. Full audit trail, who/when/how a document was access or changed
  • Documents may be filed in many formats
  • Minimise use of expensive office and warehouse space. Through keeping your documents in electronic format there is no longer a need to keep boxes or document folders on-site
  • Maximise efficiency and productivity. The time saved by your staff in locating and retrieving documents can be re-deployed to other areas of your business, enhancing your overall efficiency
  • Ensure that your documents are always safe from fire, loss or damage. Your documents are regularly backed up and snet off-site nightly
  • Share information easily. Upload a document for view by an individual, department or your entire organisation. Fax machines become obsolete as DocBureau documents can easily be attached to an e-mail and shared with anyone you wish

A Secure and Reliable Solution

The DocBureau Service has been designed to provide high levels of security and availability. Multiple levels of security holding 256-bit encryption, user login and passwords, detailed audit trails and individual access privileges protect your documents at all times. A detailed tracking function ensures accountable and accurate document access.

Integrate with Existing Systems

DocBureau's 3-tier architecture and web service API makes it extremely flexible and allows seamless integration with your existing systems.

DocBureau SaaS Solution

Let E-VIS take away the worry of maintaining your IT infrastructure. Hardware, software, backups, uninterrupted power supply and 24 hour support staff availability. With E-VIS servers located at the Fujitsu Data Centre (a tier 3 classified data centre) you can rest easy and know that your data and services are in secured hands.
We've small and large organisations using our SaaS solution including local governments.

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