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  • PermAssist (by E-VIS) has positively impacted our business by increasing efficiency and having a straightforward processing of the main area of our business which is issuing building permits and undertaking mandatory inspections.

    We find the user friendly and customisable features of the software as asset to our business. Our experience with E-VIS and their support team has been exemplary, they are always helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt every time we have a problem or need support. We recommend E-VIS and the PermAssist platform to other building surveyors seeking effective software and support for their business.

    -ABDEC Building Surveyors

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  • PermAssist has helped us further automate our business processes, reduced movement of files, printing of documents, transparency around who is doing what work (tasks), improved management monitoring of workloads, recording of the history of work/tasks/progress of a file, improved security through locking of jobs, restrictions on what information/records can be changed, security of data (PermAssist is based in the cloud not on our inhouse server), improved product support/backup (PermAssist has multiple staff to assist versus our previous supplier who was a one man organisation), ease of working from remote locations (cloud based product)

    Speaking about overall experience with E-VIS Support team, it has been a positive and co-operative experience. Easy to work with and always trying to improve the product and the customer experience.

    - (GM) West Side Building Surveying

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  • PermAssist software package has greatly improved our administration efficiencies, halving our administrative hours from our previous platform. Browser based cloud software enables access anywhere.

    Automated programming of multiple tasks saves on admin hours.

    Working with support team is pleasant, easy to deal with. Always looking to improve features. Respond well in a timely manner to our queries.

    -ROB Wibrow, Building Approvals United QLD.

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  • PermAsssist streamlines the processes in our business, particularly around capturing all the regulatory requirements that we are required to perform and adhere to on a daily basis, hence saving hours of wasted administrative time spent on each project.

    The ability to tailor most features is a significant advantage. Preparing building permit drafts, section 30 preparations, and tracking invoicing (integrated with Xero) are very helpful. Additionally, keeping track of inspections makes BAMS monthly reporting much easier and quicker.

    EVIS plays a vital role in our business operations and has been the preferred program for our company due to its ease of use and the support offered. The staff and support team are always prompt in assisting with queries, resolving issues, and tailoring the system to our needs.

    - Hannah Dittrich

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