One platform for all your needs

  • Immersive Cloud-Powered Solution

    Greenlight delivers cutting-edge software-as-a-service to local governments, minimising IT overheads. Leveraging Amazon AWS, we align with local governments' business goals, helping them meet community expectations.

  • Streamlined Approval Process

    Greenlight provides an all-encompassing online platform for streamlined approval management with continuous stakeholder engagement and comprehensive functionality for any permit/approval process.

  • Business Intelligence and Data Insights

    Greenlight's Business Intelligence allows customers to query and interpret data, promoting clarity, efficiency, and enhanced experiences. Local councils benefit from valuable insights, including data visualisation and streamlined processes

  • Efficient Tracking and KPI Management

    Greenlight facilitates real-time approval process tracking, ensuring no missed updates and efficient processing. This enables local councils to transparently and collaboratively measure and track workloads and staff KPIs.

  • Manage Online Payments

    Easy invoicing and accounting functions integrated with finance systems. Manage invoice creation, fee payments, enforcements/infringements, and renewals easily on a user-friendly platform.

  • Integration to Council’s systems

    Greenlight's multi-tier architecture and microservices enable seamless integration with local government's existing software ecosystem. It integrates with 35+ third-party products, including property and rating systems, geospatial systems etc.

  • Customisable workflow Engine

    Effortlessly manage various tasks, from complex planning approvals to simple animal registrations, with Greenlight's customisable workflow platform. Experience the efficiency of Greenlight by setting and forgetting your business processes.

  • Regulations and Compliance

    Greenlight ensures compliance with local regulations, relieving customers of compliance concerns. Our dedicated team collaborates with government agencies to monitor policy changes and evaluate their impact on Greenlight and associated services.

  • Automation

    Greenlight's platform utilises automation to streamline daily tasks such as management reporting, renewals, alerts, and more for local government customers. This enhances efficiency by minimising the effort required from end users in regulatory functions.

  • Bi-Directional APIs 

    Greenlight's bi-directional API enhances data transfer, reducing errors caused by outdated or unsynchronised information. Local governments and third-party systems can benefit from improved data extraction and collaboration, enhancing the overall experience for council stakeholders.

  • Template Engine  

    Greenlight uses MS Word-based templates, empowering customers to create and manage their templates independently. Minimal training is required for working with new or updating existing templates.

  • Custom Client Portal 

    Each local government is unique, and Greenlight customises its platform to seamlessly blend with their digital presence. The fully customisable customer portal allows payments, real-time approval tracking, and interaction with the local government.

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