Building Module

(with pool registration)

Prepare to revolutionize your approach to managing building and pool processes with Queensland Building Construction Commission - compliant system, simplifying administration and ensuring compliance. 

Building Module 2

Key Features

Here are a few of the features you will have access to in this module.

  • Collaborative Platform 

    Bring diverse stakeholders such as residents, surveyors, builders, businesses, and your building department on a single real time collaborative platform.

  • Comprehensive Building Management 

    Facilitating high-quality, efficient, and effective building process management. Out of the box workflows covering building permits, referrals, site inspections, amendments, extension of times 

  • Full Regulatory Compliance 

    Fully compliant with the current Build Act and Regulations. Out of the box integration with State Government platforms like VBA BAMS and VICMAPS.

  • BI, Visualizations & Reports

    Get in-depth understanding of your data and information with the various PowerBI visuals. Choose reports that suit your needs from a collection of 100+ reports in our library.

  • Seamless Integration 

    Integrations with ERP systems, payment platforms, finance systems, GIS systems and document management systems.

  • KPI Management

    Out of the box tools for performance and workload management. Monitor resource performance and tasks with PowerBI dashboards and visualizations. Efficient statutory clock and timeframe management.

  • Self-service Portals

    A dedicated self-service portal for residents. Apply for permits, track applications, provide additional information, and pay fees.  

  • Private Surveyor Permit Management 

    A dedicated self-service portal for private building surveyors lodgments. Private building surveyors can use this portal to submit section 80 and building permits.

  • Business Processes 

    Statutory building module inclusions 

    • Building Permit 

    • Property Certificate  

    • Swimming Pool Registrations 

    • Building Enquiry 

    • Report and consent 

    • Private Building Surveyor 

    • Building notice and orders 

    Optional Addons 

    • Essential Safety Measure Register 

    • Temporary Structure Permits 

    • POPE Permits

  • Mobility On The Go 

    Dedicated mobile platform to record building inspections and enforcement using iOS or Android devices. Leverage your existing device investment with full integration. Operate offline with full inspection capabilities. Manage checklists, photos, videos, and voice memos.

  • Enforcement Management 

    Comprehensive enforcement management for your enforcement team. Ability to do site inspections, issue building notices, emergency orders and building orders on the spot, manage infringement payments. Auto alerts from Planning and Building applications. 

See it in action!

See the module in action, as well as its integration with our other modules, and see how it can work to your exact needs.

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