Animal registration

Greenlight animal management makes it easy to look after our furry friends. A comprehensive pet registration process with automated annual renewals enables council access to a rich source information to assist the community more effectively

Animal Registration 3

Key Features

Here are a few of the features you will have access to in this module.

  • Comprehensive Animal Management 

    A dedicated animal management module, catering for any situation that council or state may encounter. 

  • Self-service Portals 

    A dedicated self-service portal for residents. Register your track applications, provide additional information, pay fees, and access the lost pet and pet adoption register.

  • Mobility for Residents 

    Custom app for the resident using iOS or Android devices. Do your pet registrations, renewals, notify the council of missing animals with a few clicks.


  • BI, Visualizations & Reports

    Get an in-depth understanding of your data and information with the various PowerBI visuals. Choose reports that suit your needs from a collection of 100+ reports in our library.

  • Seamless Integration 

    Integrations with ERP systems, payment platforms, finance systems, GIS systems and document management systems.  

  • Business Processes 

    Statutory planning module inclusions 

    • Animal Management 

    • Pound Management 

    • Deceased Animal Management 

    • Animal Business (Puppy Farm and Breeder) Management 

    • Microchipping Management

  • Enforcement Management 

    A comprehensive enforcement management for your local laws and ranger teams. Ability to record stray animals, issue animal related infringements on the spot, and manage infringement payments.  

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See the module in action, as well as its integration with our other modules, and see how it can work to your exact needs.

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