Explore the valuable insights shared by our clients and gain a deeper understanding of their experiences with Greenlight.

  • Greenlight OPM has significantly improved our business operations, particularly in expediting the permit process and enhancing overall efficiency. The program offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, providing a range of options directly within its interface. One standout feature is the automation of letter generation, eliminating the need for cumbersome document merging and ensuring all permit-related documents are easily accessible.

    Our experience with E-VIS and the support team has been superb. The team consistently delivers quick turnarounds for requests, almost always meeting our specifications or suggesting suitable alternatives. Their effective translation of program desires into practical solutions, coupled with excellent communication across various channels, has made our overall experience highly positive.

    -Ryan Hawkes (Community Services & Safety Administration Officer)

    Horsham Rural City Council

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  • The positive impact of Greenlight OPM on COGB has been significant, especially in addressing the challenge posed by the new pool register introduced by the VBA. Before implementing Greenlight, COGB lacked a system to manage and monitor pools within the municipality. Once set up, the Greenlight system precisely met our needs, providing an effective solution for maintaining and monitoring pools.

    One particularly valuable feature of Greenlight OPM is the "tag" function, which proves instrumental in instantly accessing information about the current "state" of any given address. This functionality enhances our ability to stay informed and responsive in managing various locations.

    Our overall experience with E-VIS and the support team has been positive. The support received has been crucial in navigating and optimizing the use of Greenlight. Based on our positive experience, we would highly recommend others to use Greenlight, emphasizing the valuable support provided by E-VIS and its team.

    -Shannon Grist (Coordinator Building Services)

    City Of Greater Bendigo

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  • While it is expected that the implementation of a modern, highly configurable, software platform would require significant input from all parties, the support provided by Greenlight has been outstanding and their dedication to a successful outcome for each of the three partnering councils has been evident.

     They have been able to pivot according to our requirements to get all three sites live within appropriate, agreed timeframes, with prompt access to their experienced project managers to be able to achieve this.

    -Jay Petty (Manager Special Projects)

    Northern Grampians Shire Council

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  • Greenlight has enabled us to monitor ongoing compliance matters efficiently and integrates with our planning and building departments, facilitating the effortless sharing of crucial information.

    One of the most valuable aspects of Greenlight is its adaptability. The compliance module is evolving alongside our needs, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve. Our experience with E-VIS and their support team has been nothing short of excellent, the response time to address issues or requests has been very quick.

    -Michael Cooke (Planning Compliance Officer)

    Golden Plains Shire Council

    Golden Plains Shire Logo

  • Greenlight is very sophisticated with its functionality and has streamlined many processes that could potentially take up a lot of time if done manually or using very basic systems. The functionality within certain processes is of excellent value and quality.

    The functionality of the DAC process, although a very long process, is removed from complications because of how streamlined this feature is built into the system. File notes are a great feature, as they tell the story of a file. I’m a huge advocate of file notes, regardless of what activity is happening within a file. Creating folders is also another great feature. Task function: this is such an awesome feature and was well received when I first shared this info with the planners and admin.

    Each time I’ve spoken with anyone from E-Vis, whether in person, over the phone, or via MS Teams meetings, it has always been a positive experience. They have reached out when in doubt or unsure and have provided resolutions to most of the tickets raised. Those not resolved resulted in issues that would be brought up with the development team for future improvements. Suggestions made by the team have highlighted potential improvements to either functionality or processes, which were carried out at times (some very promptly) and resulted in improvements within our own admin teams’ processes. 

    -Particia Ahmed (Planning & Building Administration Officer)

    Moorabool Shire Council

    Moorabool Shire Council Logo


  • Greenlight has significantly transformed our department's efficiency. It simplifies our permit management process, fosters seamless communication among stakeholders, and offers real-time visibility into permit statuses, enhancing transparency.

    The centralised platform eliminates paper files, and automation streamlines our operations. While communication tools are valuable, we eagerly anticipate setting up applicant emails. Customisation options cater to our diverse needs across different Councils.

    Regarding E-VIS and the support team, our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. They are highly responsive, providing regular updates and exceptional support.

    -Joyline Rovere (Development Support Officer)

    Swan Hill Rural City Council

    Swan Hill Shire Council Logo

  • We have implemented Greenlight for a number of application types and it has greatly improved our processes.  We have much better automation now and less manual work and work arounds, especially the integration we have with the Planning Portal and other internal systems.  The service we have received from the Greenlight staff (in particular Bhavesh and now Sujata) is awesome, being able to catch up on teams to work through issues and have a good working relationship and understanding has made the process so much smoother and faster.  The staff are willing to listen to what we need and try, and problem solve the issues instead of just saying no.  The flexibility of the system and being able to tailor it to our needs has been a huge bonus.  

    - Lisa Kennedy (Team Lead Administration)

    Kempsey Shire Council

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  • Since 2002, E-VIS has been instrumental in revolutionizing Hobsons Bay City Council's planning and development certification process. Greenlight's flexibility has been a game-changer, allowing the council to customize the planning and development processes to their needs.  

    Let's see how Hobsons Bay City Council is winning with Greenlight:

    • The transition from paper-based to digital processes has eliminated inefficiencies and improved service delivery. 
    • Workflow automation, third-party system integration, and electronic signatures have significantly reduced processing times, enhancing customer satisfaction.
    • With a user-friendly design and cloud-based infrastructure, Greenlight requires minimal IT involvement, saving millions in IT investment and resourcing.
    • Applications can be submitted and processed anytime, anywhere.


    - David De Thomasis (Coordinator Planning Operations)

    Hobsons Bay City Council

    Logo Hudsons Bay Large

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